About the Owner

Family Man and Veteran Owns Sunrise Shutters and Blinds
Our homes are one of our most important investments. We seek to improve them and make them comfortable as we spend a bulk of our lives in our home. It is important when hiring a company to help you improve your treasured home environment that the owner of the company has a healthy respect for how important your home is to you. Windows are a very important element in the comfort level of any home. The window covering treatments allow for the enjoyment of great views, temperature control, ambience, safety and security. Having the window coverings in your home installed properly and with quality materials enhances the value of your home. That’s why using Sunrise Shutters and Blinds is a great choice. You get quality products installed correctly at a reasonable price by a company that cares about the results of their work for you.

Wes McLaughlin is the owner of Sunrise Shutters and Blinds, and has been in the window covering industry since 2005.  Sunrise Shutters and Blinds offers a wide variety of window treatments to fit any home’s needs.  Wes serves the entire valley, and so do all of his vendors.  Wes spent 13 years in the U.S. Navy, and that is where he learned valuable traits of leadership, service, and taking care of the people he works with.  He also grew up in a small mid-western town and learned the value of community and doing the right thing every time.  Sunrise Shutters and Blinds is an up and coming business with many ties to the community, where he serves in the local Chamber of Commerce, business networking groups, and community events.   He is father of 4 children and is involved in all aspects of their lives.

Commitment to doing the job right, and providing exceptional customer service are not selling points for Wes McLaughlin. They are expectations, of himself and his team. A preference to use locally made products and a satisfaction of making sure your job gets done right makes Wes stand out as a business owner.  So whether you want to let the sunshine in or keep prying eyes out, enhance your home with Sunrise Shutters and Blinds.

Email Wes McLaughlin at [email protected] or call 480-234-7209 for information on Sunrise Shutters and Blinds. He always offers a complimentary consultation on your window covering needs.